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Bowen Therapy on Horses – Equine Muscle Release Therapy (EMRT) and Cat and Canine Muscle Release Therapy (CCMRT) is based on the successful human Bowen Technique. Alison Goward adapted the technique to benefit horses and small animals in Australia, with whom Jacky completed her two year training qualification in 2004 and has been in practice since that time. Jacky is experienced with the family pet to top competition horses and treated horses and their riders and the Horse of the Year Show in New Zealand in 2007.

An Animal Bowen treatment involves a series of gentle, non-invasive, rolling moves made at key points on the animal’s body. The sequence of moves creates a circuit within the body, which can free congestion and enhance circulatory and neural transmission throughout the body. The treatment is designed to put the body back into balance allowing the animal to achieve optimum health. Some clients choose regular treatments to aid prevention of imbalance happening in the first place.

Jacky treats Horses, Dogs and Cats with varying issues or for performance. Please look at the testimonial section which covers a few of the issues Jacky has helped people and their animals address. Due to demand from clients Jacky now also treats farm animals. ‘Brenin’ the Bull is an example of this.

How Does Bowen Therapy work on Animals?

Jacky performs the ORIGINAL PURE form of Animal Bowen which is now being used with horses, working dogs, companion animals and in rescue centres across the world. It is a simple, effective way to treat many symptoms and injuries that an animal may sustain in its life. It does not replace veterinary treatment but is ideal to use alongside it for many musculo-skeletal, neurological and body system functional problems. It can also be invaluable in post operative care, rehabilitation, stress and behavioural situations.
The technique consists of a sequence of very gentle rolling moves over key points on the musculature and fascia (many alongside the spine and over acupuncture points). It is a non-diagnostic and non-invasive form of bodywork which is extremely gentle and dynamically effective working on the central nervous system and fascia, requiring no harsh manipulation, machines or drugs to work. Fascia is a thin membrane covering and connecting every tissue or system in the body and is normally loose, moist, supple and elastic enabling movement between body parts. Stress on Muscles, Tendons and
Ligaments can develop from injury and trauma. Horses, Cats and Dogs are very athletic and can often injure themselves running, jumping, twisting and leaping in the air or over obstacles. Initial postural imbalances are often missed. When muscles, joints and tissues are under stress from previous injury, compensation or trauma it causes incorrect alignment of muscles and bones resulting in restricted movement and reduced efficiency in all the surrounding tissues. The muscles tighten to protect the body, the surrounding fascia produces tough, inelastic fibres creating more stiffness, pain and restriction.

Compensation patterns begin to develop as the body holds itself differently to avoid pain. The muscles can pull the skeleton out of line. These restrictions cause reduced blood, nutrient, oxygen, toxin and lymphatic flow which contributes greatly to susceptibility to injury, lameness, mal-function, immune system irregularities and even disease. The production of the enzyme required for normal healing of tissues is often reduced. By this time the animal is showing greater signs of pain, gait and behavioural problems and sometimes internal discomfort.

What would happen during an appointment?

Bowen Therapy treats the body as a WHOLE no matter what the diagnosis or symptoms, bringing the body and mind back into BALANCE and HOMEOSTASIS.

An appointment with Jacky will require veterinary consent. Jacky will then visit your animal, whether at home or in the case of horses where they are fielded or stabled. A detailed medical history is taken along with any details of any other contributory factors which may affect your animal. A visual assessment and some palpation tests are performed before treatment commences. Notes are taken throughout regarding feed back of the tissues and body responses. Post treatment advice is given although Jacky is available by telephone contact between or after treatments for advice if required and referral back to the vet if indicated.

Bowen Therapy does not treat any particular condition or disease but it has been found to be very effective in:

  • Unexplained deterioration in performance
  • Unexplained resistances/gait abnormalities
  • Filled legs
  • Irritability
  • Sore or cold back
  • General stiffness or in one direction/disunited paces
  • Intermittent or unresolved lameness
  • Pain relief
  • Lymphatic or lactic acid imbalance
  • Uneven foot wear, dragging of hind feet
  • Uneven muscle development or muscle wastage
  • Difficulty going up and down stairs
  • Difficulty jumping
  • Optimising well being in slowly degenerative conditions
  • Nerve pain
  • Strains and sprains
  • Respiratory/digestive problems

And many more, please call Jacky to discuss a particular problem on 07888 764387.

Jacky is fully qualified, insured and experienced and works in conjunction with other health professionals (Vets, farriers, saddlers etc) where indicated to deal with the body in a truly holistic sense to achieve overall and optimum health.

* Please note that veterinary consent is always required to treat any animal with any form of treatment and there is no guarantee of success, although extreme diligence is taken and you will be advised if this treatment is not indicated in each individual case.

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