After a 20 foot fall down a steep bank my young eventer, Chance, suffered forehand lameness and such severe head shaking that I was unable to ride him at all. Whilst vets could find no skeletal or specific muscular damage, the problems persisted for several months, and we were considering if Chance had any kind of future, as he was obviously in a lot of pain. Then a friend recommended Jacky. Jacky identified several areas where Chance was in pain and after the first treatment there was a significant improvement. After the third treatment Chance was almost as good as new. Chance has top up treatments depending on his workload, but at the first sign of problems, Jacky is on hand to put things right. Jacky is now a regular on our yard, and has successfully treated our own horses and those of our clients.

Sara Goode, Ty Newydd Stud and Livery

I just have to say what a huge difference Jacky's Bowen Therapy treatments have made to my daughters two horses! I was the greatest sceptic during the first visit, but I can't believe the change, it is fantastic!

Before one of them was treated, he was idle to say the least, and would kick out or buck when asked to go forward, even from walk to trot. Since his treatment he is happy and enthusiastic about his work, life in general and very forward going. His action was good before but its fabulous now. The other horse used to swish her tail at every stride in canter, she was never truely on the bridle, or coming from behind. She humped her back when first mounted and was previously described as a 'cold backed mare'. After Jacky's 3 visits, her stride is longer, her tail still, and she stands quietly to be mounted. I could go on listing the improvements for pages but I have to say a huge 'Thank You' from two very happy and comfortable horses.

S. Martin, Four crosses, Shropshire

Jacky has been treating one of my dressage ponies for nearly a year (initially 3 treatments closer together and then occasional 'top ups' about once every 3 months) and the improvement that I have noticed in that time has been considerable. Although a very talented pony, he found it difficult to maintain a soft topline in his work and the contact was often uneven. He had particular problems with his medium trot strides and had a strong inclination to run not to lengthen his whole frame and stride. From the first treatment I noticed a significant difference in him, the contact improved and within a few weeks of the 3rd treatment he started to develop a real crest. Before his neck had always appeared a little flat, the medium trot also started to improve. I would recommend Jacky to anyone wanting a gentle and non invasive treatment for their horse.

Anna Brown, Shropshire

Anna Brown Dressage Ponies


When my wife booked several Bowen sessions with Jacky for a Christmas present I did not know what to expect but did not expect a life changing event. I had chronic pain in my feet, legs, lower back, neck and severe stiffness in my right shoulder after an operation. My right leg was numb and the feeling in my fingers and toes had gone. I had seen numerous NHS consultants over a 30 year period as the pain levels increased, without any diagnoses forthcoming and I found that the prescribed medications seemed to be making me worse. Despite physiotherapy on a weekly basis for the previous year, any improvement was short lived. The pain in my lower back, neck and shoulder became acute and my mobility became so poor I could not drive to work.

Jacky was interested in my overall health and due to some of my symptoms suggested also looking at my diet with regard to food intolerances, which would complement the Bowen treatments. Although the sessions are very gentle, initially for the first 24 hours I felt slightly worse in my neck and back, but having been warned by Jacky that this may happen, I was not worried.

When the improvement came it was very dramatic and the pain stopped, as if someone had turned a switch. From that point it took about one month for feeling in my legs, hands and feet to return and I have stopped taking all of my prescribed medication. I currently work out three times a week in the gym without any pain.

*Please note, Jacky always advises that any withdrawal from prescribed medications should be in accordance with your GP or medical professional.

Dave Shaw, St Martins, near Oswestry

Being a nurse and tall it puts a lot of additional stress on my back. The Bowen Technique has enabled my muscles to correct my bone structure. The effects have been long lasting, it is wonderful.

H. Alexander BSc(hons) RGN, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

As a sufferer of chronic neck pain for many years, I had tried numerous painkillers and complementary treatments, none of which gave lasting relief. Following a personal recommendation I tried Bowen Therapy with Jacky. I have found this to be the most successful treatment I have ever had and now only need a very occasional repeat treatmnet (about once a year). My husband suffered from shoulder pain and after only 2 treatments had no furhter problems.

M.E. Morris, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire

Dogs and Cats

Abigail, my 7 year old Rottweiler dog had a spinal operation in September 2010 due to prolapsed discs. After the operation she dragged herself around on her front legs, she couldn't get up and did not use her back legs at all. Even if you stood her up yourself she just fell instantly back down every time. Seven months later there was no improvement, in fact over the previous two months she began to get slightly worse, even though she was having physiotherapy. Although a very difficult decision I was considering having to call it a day. We were doing everything we could for her but I was concerned about her quality of life. I had to feed her on the floor, toileting was difficult , she couldn't exercise properly so her weight was difficult to manage and she couldn't live anything like a normal dog. I saw an article in the newspaper about Jacky treating a Bull with the Bowen Technique so I thought I would try this as a last resort. I'm extremely glad I did as the results have been amazing. She had her first Bowen (Cat and Canine Muscle Release Therapy) treatment on the 18th April 2011 and after the first treatment she just flaked out. It was after the second treatment that I started to see an improvement. She had a course of treatment, the last treatment two months ago now and I'm so pleased to say that she gets up herself, walks and runs unaided, toilets herself and lives a completely normal life. Considering she had started to get worse and I thought I was going to have to put her to sleep she has made an amazing recovery. Anyone in the same position as me with a dog like Abigail, I would recommend using Jacky, it has completely changed her life.

Carole Penlington, Hatfiled, Near Leominster, Herefordshire

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