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Jacky at workJacky has been interested and involved in health and fitness from a very young age. A keen sports woman and animal enthusiast. Fully qualified in Swedish Body Massage and Bowen Therapy for people and Animals.

‘I have been involved with horses since the age of 5 and with other animals such as cats, dogs and farm animals all my life. I have played and competed in many sports and worked with horses and dogs in a professional capacity for many years. During this time I have picked up many injuries resulting in operations and long periods of rest which was not only painful but frustrating. The most debilitating was back pain which was eventually diagnosed as bulging discs in my lower back. Having tried everything else and having had months of pain, an operation was advised to shave off some of the discs. Thinking it was my only option I reluctantly booked the operation. However, three days before the operation a friend recommended I visit a Bowen practitioner. Having not heard of it before I was sceptical but it was my last resort before an operation. I cancelled the operation and had a course of treatment and have not looked back since as I was not only pain free but it changed my career. I was already qualified in Human Swedish Body Massage, had a great interest in health and well being of the body generally of both humans and animals and was amazed at the results with Bowen. I then spent 3 years training in the Bowen Technique to help humans and animals and left my career as a Police Dog Handler.

Jacky Clarke

I beganI spent some time in New Zealand working with other Bowen Therapists treating riders and their horses at the Horse of the Year Show 2007. Here Bowen is very well known about due to its Australian origin and riders consistently use the treatment as an aid to competition allowing the horse more freedom of movement before and after top world class competition, whilst also having treatment themselves to aid their movement and balance which affects the horse dramatically. my own practice as a Bowen therapist in 2004. Since then I have gained huge satisfaction from being able to help people and animals. Since then I have also enjoyed improved health as having the treatment allowed me to play sports again, plus new sports I didn’t think I would ever play due to my previous injuries. In the past my shoulder had been screwed together, a horse had fallen on me when I was young which caused extensive damage to my pelvis, broken several bones and a considerable amount of soft tissue injuries from different accidents and sports i.e. tendons and ligament damage. I started playing ladies contact rugby, continue to ride horses, play many other sports such as rounders, squash, touch rugby and netball. At the earliest signs of an injury I can ‘band aid’ myself and follow up with a full treatment. I also try to keep up maintenance treatments as prevention as well as correction.

Since then I have also trained with one of the worlds leading Equine Behaviour Experts, Dr Debbie Marsden, and qualified as a Equine Behaviour Consultant. For more information visit www.equinejc.co.uk

I am passionate about my work, adhere to a strict code of ethics and undertake Continued Professional Development every year. I am a member of the Bowen Association UK, am fully insured and qualified to give client reassurance of a professional and compassionate service keeping the clients best interests paramount at all times.’


To discuss any issue relating to your or your animals health please call Jacky on 07888 764387

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